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Sep 08, 2018

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The extract of baobab tree is an active ingredient extracted from baobab tree. The baobab extract not only has moisturizing effect, but also has antioxidant effect and skin elasticity increasing effect, has the effects of nourishing stomach and gallbladder, clearing away heat and swelling, stopping bleeding and arresting diarrhea, tranquilizing and tranquilizing, and has the characteristic of inhibiting cancer cells. It can also be used to make cool drinks and seasonings, which are natural and healthy food and beverage additives and natural raw materials for health products. It is widely used in food, beverage, medicine and other fields.


Source plant

The baobab tree is the " longevity star" in the plant kingdom and can generally live for 4000 - 6000 years. The tree is spectacular, the fruit is as big as football, sweet and juicy, and it is named after the favorite food of monkeys and orangutans. The baobab tree was once called the " tree of life" because it provided life-saving water for many people traveling on the savannah and rescued travelers dying of thirst. When traveling in the desert with baobab trees, if you are thirsty, you don't need to use the " reserve", just dig a hole in the baobab tree's belly with a knife, and the juice will gush out like a clear spring, and then you can have a good drink. The baobab tree is with life. As long as it exists, you don't have to worry about traveling in the desert. During several major famines in African history, the " natural bread" of baobab fruit also saved the lives of thousands of hungry people.

Alias: Baobab, Hozen wood.

Distribution: baobab tree is one of the ancient and unique species of the earth, originating in tropical Africa, from the African continent, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean islands, to northern Australia, can see the Baobab tree, in China's Fujian, Guangdong, Yunnan, the tropics also have a small amount of cultivation. The Moulondaval region of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, with its concentrated distribution of most of the world's bread-tree species, is one of the most famous sights in the monkey bread tree.

Plant morphology:deciduous trees. General tree height of about m, in the origin of some up to a few m; the main base of the enlargement, the general diameter of up to 6~9 m, individual single strains of up to a few feet, for the coarse short trunk. Main trunk short, palmately compound, set at branch end, leaflets usually 5, entire, margin obovate, petiole long 10~20 cm, leaf abaxially sparsely stellate pilose. Flowers large, bisexual, solitary or connate into leaf axils of branches, pendulous, bracts 2-flowered, calyx leathery, 5-lobed, petals 5, white wrinkled, beautiful aromatic, basally connate, adnate to stamens tube base, stamens numerous, filaments connate into tube; ovary superior, 5~10 (~15), ovules numerous. Fleshy fruit long oval. Seeds Black.