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Enhance immunity plan extract dried Schisandrins berry powder schisandra chinensis extract from China sanyuan Biochemical
Oct 13, 2018

imageSchisandra (Schisandra chinensis in Latin) is the dehydrated mature fruits of a herb known as Schisandra chinensis and belongs to the Schisandraceae family. Schisandra is widely farmed in China, particularly the northeastern part of the country. It is most commonly found in Lianoning, Hebei, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces and is grown by sowing seeds. The seeds are sown in spring and the schisandra fruit is reaped in autumn after it is completely mature.


1. Protect liver and promote liver tissues regeneration.

2. Enhance immunity.
3. Anti-inflammation.
4. Improve body disease-resistant ability, protect heart, liver and gastrointestinal.
5. Anti-oxidation and anti-bacteria.



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