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Introduction to the knowledge of kelp extract
Dec 11, 2017

The Sesmollient is a natural Marine biological product, all of which are derived from this particular seaweed itself.It contains alginate, crude protein, multivitamins, enzymes and trace elements.After absorption through the skin, can reduce the surface blood fat, enhance the surface cutaneous hematopoiesis function, and still have the function of reducing weight, heat preservation, thickening.Seaweed extract USES is very wide, in their own do DIY skincare products to join a small amount of less than 5% can increase the product smooth feeling, also contains a lot of anion, thus giving the SESMOLLIENT anti-wrinkle, anti-aging performance.

Kelp Extract Powder.jpg

Application Range:

(1). Applied in health food field, be widely used in food additives industry, which can be added into the dairy, beverage, health care products, pastries, cold drinks, jelly, bread, milk and so on;

(2). Applied in cosmetic field, it is a kind of water soluble polymer natural extracts with sntiphlogistic 

sterilization effect. So it can be used as a new type of high moisturizing instead of glycerin;

(3).Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is the raw material of new tradition medicine which is often added in

 kidney Products.