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Moringa dried leaf powder from sanyuan longsheng
Sep 19, 2018

Moringa has obvious effects in treating cardiovascular diseases, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, promoting digestion, improving vision, improving digestion and absorption, delaying aging, and improving skin's regulation of the respiratory system and the central nervous system.



Moringa leaf  powder consumption method

1) Add milk to add spicy wood powder to milk or boiling water. Take it at breakfast or lunch. It can have a nutritional effect and make people energetic and energetic throughout the day. Applicable to the crowd: Office office workers, full belly, but also can lose weight.
2) Into the honey directly oral water with spicy wood powder, and add a certain amount of honey(sweetness can be according to their own taste, spicy wood itself is a bit bitter, honey can add more, but spicy wood powder should not be too sweet, Suitable for the population: need to increase nutrition, balance the body function, but diabetes patients banned this method.
3) In the daily soup, the dried leaves of spicy wood are soaked in water and put into a soup pot to cook with meat. This is simple for people in the South such as Guangdong and Hong Kong to add spicy wood leaves to the soup pot. The whole family's appetizer soup.
4) Add kitchen cooking as spices and spices. Add spicy wood powder as a spice to the dish. The spicy leaves are soaked in water and transferred into the beaten eggs to fry the spicy omelette. It is also possible to mix powder into flour or filling to make bread, steamed bread, and dumplings to achieve the purpose of homologous food medicine. Nutritional breakfast for all ages.
5) Spicy wood powder is directly taken orally with plain water or vegetable soup. It is best to avoid fasting before eating. The amount of usage: generally about 3 grams, the amount of constipation can be increased. Spicy wood dried leaves make tea and drink directly. Food crowd: constipation, detoxification, etc..