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Natural antioxidants 17% Vitmin C from acerola cherry extract
Jan 09, 2018

Acerola cherry from Brazil, also known as the Brazilian cherry, belongs to the golden tiger caudate plant.The fruit contains extremely high antioxidant vitamin c, which removes free radicals from human activity.

Acerola cherries are rich in vitamin C, which is the most abundant fruit in the world.Its 100 grams of fruit of VC content as high as 2445 mg, far higher than that of lemon 40 mg, 68 mg, 68 mg of citrus and kiwi fruit, has long been regarded as guava with extremely high content of vitamin C also only 180 mg, is the king of the veritable "vitamin C".

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VC is a good antioxidant that removes free radicals from human activity.And natural VC because in addition to VC, still contain a variety of nutrients, in the human body to absorb slowly, in concentrations in the serum can keep the high level for a long time, and the function of human body is unmatched by other sources of VC.It can effectively resist the invasion of foreign harmful substances and has the effect of delaying senility.


Acerola cherry extract by technical means, make the product of the VC content of 17%, is the health care products, food additives in the market the most common natural VC, better able to be absorbed by human body, have the effect of anti-aging