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Talk about Guarana
Nov 01, 2017

Guarana is a perennial woody rattan, native to the Brazilian Amazon basin tropical rain forest.Seeds caffeine content is about 2-4.5 times that of coffee beans, is widely used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, with refreshing, control appetite, relieve abdominal pain and other effects. Guarana is widely planted in the Brazilian Amazon region, the economic value is very high, the demand is very large, only sporadic cultivation in the country.


Major value

In Brazil, also called Guarana "super fruits", widely used in breakfast cereals, biscuits, cereals, candy, soup, capsules, tablets and other products. Long-term consumption, refreshing, nourishing yin, Control appetite, relieve abdominal pain, restore physical strength, add energy, physical fitness effect.

Guarana's main feature is: it contains natural caffeine, can gradually and slowly stimulate the nerve, stimulate the maintenance of the long period of validity, and stimulate the more moderate, no harm to the human body, and other sources of products usually work fast, But the duration is short.


1, inhibition of appetite; 2, reduce fatigue, enhance vitality; 3, add gum and so on