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A Good Helper For Air Pollution-Yeast Beta Glucan
Dec 16, 2017

In the 21st century, the quality of air quality has become the focus of daily attention.The world health organization's specialized agency, the international agency for research on cancer (IARC), lists outdoor air pollution as a primary carcinogen.Air pollution from different sources can cause changes in the human body.


It is well known that maintaining a healthy immune system is very important to maintain our body health, in addition to the full and reasonable cultivation, moderate exercise, we can also maintain by functional foods.Yeast beta-glucan is an ideal immune regulator.


The yeast beta-glucan is a unique natural glucan in the cell wall of the yeast, and the b-1, 3/1,6 branches of the molecular structure make it have unique biological activity.When yeast beta-glucan is combined with Dectin- 1, it can quickly transmit information to activate immune cells to phagocytosis, which can destroy pathogens to avoid invasion of human body.Therefore, it can be considered that yeast beta-glucan is a reliable anti-air pollution guardian. In daily life, yeast beta glucan can be added to improve immunity and protect the body from injury.