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Abuse Certain Chinese Herbal Medicine Careful Causes The Medicine Hepatitis.
Aug 11, 2018

The health food is not a drug, some people think that health food "want to eat," without fear of side effects.Doctors suggest that many health products contain Chinese herbal extracts, some of which, such as polygonum multiflorum, can lead to drug-induced hepatitis, liver damage and even develop into serious diseases such as liver failure.

In recent years, there are many cases of liver damage caused by health care products containing polygonum multiflorum and other Chinese herbal medicines.According to wei lai, director of the research institute of liver diseases at Peking University and director of the department of liver diseases at Peking University people's hospital, a number of studies at home and abroad suggest that about 20 to 30 percent of drug-induced liver damage is caused by Chinese herbal medicine.

Experts such as wei lai suggest that common Chinese herbal medicines causing liver damage include polygonum multiflorum, psoralea, rhizoma corydalis, rhizoma corydalis, semen cassiae, radix notoginseng, tripterygium wilfordii, and xanthospermi.Chinese herbal medicine should pay attention to the treatment and dosage, some of the short - term appropriate use problems, long-term use may cause cumulative toxicity.Liver disease patient should go to normal hospital to see a doctor, do not use blindly "folk folk prescription" "ancestral secret recipe" wait, lest contain the composition of injury liver, injury kidney.

Source: Xinhuanet