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Chinese Scientists Have Discovered A New Natural Sweetener That Is 25 Times Sweeter Than Sugar
Aug 20, 2018

Recently, kunming institute of botany, Chinese academy of sciences to conduct a new study has found, yunnan region exist two kinds of edible and medicinal plants of samara cane (Myriopteronextensum (Wight) k. Schum) and comospore derris (Derriseriocarpa How) contains sweet stuff is at least 25 times of sucrose sweetness, the series of achievements have been published in international journals on the journal of agricultural and food chemistry.

Myriopteronextensum (Wight) K. Schum

The researchers found that the roots of the samara vine contain 12 new types of sweet compounds called C21 progesterone glycosides, a plant long used in food and medicine by the yao people.Of the 12 known compounds, nine are highly sweetened compounds that are 25 to 400 times sweeter than sugar.By contrast, the types of sweet compounds found in the roots were different.In addition to the roots, the researchers had previously studied the skins of plants and found 10 new sweet compounds that were 50 to 400 times sweeter than sugar.

Myriopteronextensum (Wight) K. Schum.jpg

Quantitatively analyzing the sweet compounds in the skins, stems and roots of elaeagnus mollis, the researchers noted that these compounds all contain uniquely distributed sweet compounds.The study also showed higher concentrations of sweet matter in the skins than in the stems and roots.In yunnan province, the fruit of the samara vine is often preserved and eaten as a pickling dish, and its roots have medicinal properties, such as reducing inflammation, promoting respiratory health and even curing tuberculosis.