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Food And Drug Production License On-site Audit Audits
Sep 09, 2017

In order to further enhance the competitiveness of products, enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises, and customers to establish long-term stable business relationship, and promote the prosperity and development of health care products market. The Company at the beginning of this year to Xianyang City Food and Drug Administration for SC certification and a series of work.

September 9, 2017, Xianyang Food and Drug Administration expert group of six people came to the company is located in Sanyuan County, the town of the town of a one-day on-site certification work, the site certification of the main work for the venue certification, Application of data integrity, factory sanitation certification, production qualification certification and other related work.



The SC certification in the company's efforts under the efforts of all staff, is expected by the end of this month, will be issued by the Food and Drug Administration issued a food and drug production license.