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Market Training For Gentian Extract
Oct 14, 2017

The sustainable development of global health industry, the rapid expanded plant extracts in China export demand, in order to further meet the demand of the market, while increasing the sales staff of professional skills, better serve more customers, the company on Saturday to carry on the professional knowledge training.Markets in different regions of the attention of consumer demand, to our flagship product, tribulus terrestris extract, frankincense extract, gentian extract production technology of a new round of reform.Due to the recent high demand of gentian extract, our company has increased production, and a new batch of gentian extract has been launched recently to meet the needs of customers.


At the same time, as people's health consciousness and the living standard gradually improve, health and functional food more and more popular, and picking up production enterprise to develop the medicine, food, beverage, functional food, dietary supplements, etc the best choice of the market.