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Melia Azedarach Package
Nov 11, 2017

Recently factories and operations are particularly busy, because there is a lot of goods to be produced and exported.

On Thursday, colleague Miss Yang to export a number of goods, called Melia. As a result of customer subcontracting, every 500g bag, thus increasing our workload, this part of the work originally belonged to the factory, but because the factory is too busy, so by our business department take the time to subcontract, a total of 8 barrels , 200 kilograms, 400 bags, although the amount is not large, but a person pack to spend about a day, So we have five people with the boss to pack together, so the efficiency is particularly high, over three hours is covered. While chatting with us while stocking, Miss Yang told us that this shipment is to be sold together with other goods to customers, in order to kill insects. CEO is our company's encyclopedia, he also told us a lot of knowledge, of course, we also talk about life topics, so that the process of packing goods is not so boring.


CEO said we are a team, no matter what we do work together, we would like to comply with the teachings, so that this company and employees to better development.