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New Sweetener - Grape Crystal Sugar
Jul 28, 2017

In recent years, with the increasing standard of living, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, diabetes and other diseases are increasingly concerned about people, and gradually evolved into social problems. All walks of life and government departments are highly concerned about how to solve the current situation, the heated discussion, the final intake of sugar into the focus of attention.




In order to solve the problem of sugar intake, the industry is actively research and development of alternative sweeteners, the governments of various countries gradually began to implement the tax, forcing enterprises and individuals to reduce sugar intake. At present, the market can replace the sweetener stevia glycosides and mangosteen glycosides, and other new sweeteners are also constantly in the development.


Recently, Italy's Naturalia Indredients announced the sale of sugar from grapes. The product uses a new patented process of production, extracted directly from grapes, is currently the first grape crystal on the market. The new grape crystal sugar can enhance the taste and aroma of the product, can reduce the glycemic index, mainly used in dietary supplements and energy supplements and other negative.