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Our Pleasant Journey
Oct 21, 2017

The company organized us to visit Qinling on Wednesday and Thursday in order to combine our work with rest.

Qinling is known as the Chinese civilization of the dragon, the main peak of Taibai Mountain 3771.2 meters above sea level, located in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi Province in the Guanzhong Plain and the southern part of the mountain. Qinling Mountains in the Qinba Mountains across the Shangluo, Ankang, Hanzhong and other regions, rich in natural resources. Known as "North and South plants blend, north and south biological species library" reputation. Special products, such as walnut, persimmon, chestnut, fungus, walnut, chestnut, persimmon production ranks first in the province, walnut production accounted for one-sixth of the country; it is the famous "natural medicine library." 1119 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine species, included in the national "Chinese herbal medicine resource questionnaire" up to 286 species. Of course, the Qinling region is also a lot of wild animals.

We travel by car to Qinling play, mountain road so that we are excited to the destination. We first take a break, and then is our lunch time, lunch there are fat girl's wild pheasant, a variety of home cooking and Qinling inside the wild vegetables.

In the afternoon, we climbed to the Qinling Mountains, Qinling scenery beautiful people intoxicated, boss always takes the camera and is photographing all kinds of plants, of course, in addition to play, but also with the boss to learn to understand new plants, we learn to play while playing It feels great.

After climbing the mountain, we will be ready for dinner, dinner is a variety of barbecue, and then singing and dancing, to promote the relationship between colleagues.

This is a special experience, from which to learn a lot of new plants, of course, very happy to play, and colleagues more closely.