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Pomegranate Peel Extract Or Resistance To Alzheimer's Disease
Aug 17, 2017

 Recently, a new study has shown that pomegranate peel extracts can ward off alzheimer's disease.


An important component of alzheimer's disease is the formation of a protein block in the brain that requires the ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier to block formation of clumps.Even though this studies have shown that pomegranate skin extracts have a resistance to alzheimer's disease, but there is no clear conclusion about whether or not they can penetrate the blood-brain barrier.In response, researchers from the chemical neuroscience journal of the American chemical society isolated 21 compounds from pomegranate extracts, most of them polyphenols, and the study found that polyphenols failed to pass the blood-brain barrier.But the urolithins can successfully pass through, and urolithins is a compound of some type of pomegranate polyphenol which is formed after the intestinal microbial metabolism.Studies have shown that urolithins can not only enter the brain through the blood-brain barrier, but also reduce protein clumping.



In addition, studies have shown that: like pomegranate, daily consumption of nuts also can to protect the nerve, nuts products at the same time also have to delay the progress of alzheimer's disease type, even can have further defense.