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The Challenge Of Internationalization Of Plant Extract Industry, Longfu Need Enhance International Competitiveness
Dec 02, 2017

In recent years, the steady growth of the demand for plant extracts in developed countries and regions, especially in Europe and the United States, has greatly stimulated the development of the plant extract industry.

First the localization trend of each market.European markets promote unsaturated fatty acid products, mainly in Nordic countries such as Norway.Japanese market fermentation and soy products become mainstream products, while China has few products.The top 7 products in the U.S. market are all localized products and have a tendency to weaken Chinese products.

Second global extract product innovation speed slow, prices, costs, become the focus of competition, Chinese enterprises originally driven by Europe and the United States every year, with all big companies star product market days are gone forever.

Third the trend of Chinese extract products becoming synonymous with "great road goods" and "bargains". Once they are "under the name", the market competitiveness will be difficult to guarantee, and the development of the market will be worrying.

In this case, Shaanxi Longfu Biochemical Co., Ltd. one of China plant extracts enterprises must improve competitiveness as soon as possible, and in the product, standard, quality control, innovation, enterprise development strategy planning and promotion, to promote the healthy development of extract industry in China.We promise to provide good quality herbal extract to all customers all over the world always.

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