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The Fourth Batch of Plant Extract Standard was Officially Released
Jul 21, 2018

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Since June 1, the fourth batch of plant extract standards have entered the public notice period. After a month's public notice, the standards responsible for the guidelines have revised and adjusted the standards for questions raised by different organizations and enterprises.Recently, the public display period has ended, and now the fourth batch of plant extract standards will be officially released.The fourth batch of plant extract standard was officially released.


The release of the standard for A total of 20 plant extracts, white kidney bean extract respectively, betel nut extract, lycopene, blackcurrant extract, quercetin, Chinese prickly ash extract, ganoderma lucidum spore oil, rutin, concentrate powder, green tea, herbal tea extract (60%) V), apple extract, red BaoDi nucleotides A, rui BaoDi glycosides D glycosides, stachyose, sweet tea, marigold extract, fucoidin oil, lutein, epimedium extract, naringin, covers most of the key export varieties of plant extracts.


Since the first batch of international commercial standards for plant extracts were formulated and issued by the medical insurance chamber in 2013, it has played a good role in promoting the development of the industry.The establishment and introduction of plant extract standards will be more conducive to plant extract enterprises to develop domestic and international markets.From the perspective of the domestic market, the standard of plant extracts complies with the trend of developing competitive group standards proposed by the national standards committee, fills the blank of national standards and industry standards, plays a great role in creating a good industrial environment and promoting the healthy development of the extractive industry.

Source: China medical and health care products import and export chamber of commerce.