• Herbal Medicine

    Herbal Medicine

    1.We owned Plants extract factory for ten years with powerful production team and professional research and development team. 2.Shaanxi Longfu plants extract powder is popular all over the word, especially in the Europe and north American market. 3.Herb medicine is extracting from plant or plant part used for its scent, flavor, or therapeutic properties

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  • Herbal Nutrition

    Herbal Nutrition

    1.It can offer all kinds of nutrient substance which the body needs 2.It is extracting from the plants naturally 3.We can reduce it as the customer request

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  • Herbal Extracts

    Herbal Extracts

    1.Herbal extract is the development of health food quality natural raw materials, it has broad prospects for development and application 2.Mainly applied to food additives and beverages 3.Now the application extends to plant source pesticides and biological pesticides.

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  • Herbal Cosmetics

    Herbal Cosmetics

    1.Used as a raw material for cosmetics 2.Make whitening products, perfumes,protect hair products and others 3.Make a face mask, sunscreen, and anti-oxidant, anti-ultraviolet effect

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  • Natural Sweeteners

    Natural Sweeteners

    1.sweetness is one of the indicators of many foods and a certain amount of sweetener is needed to make the food and drink palatable. 2.sweeteners make cakes and drinks get a good flavor and retain fresh

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  • Super Herbs

    Super Herbs

    1.super herbs are mainly used in food, cosmetics and medicine. plays a very important role in human health.

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